H is for Hoka

I am participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge, during which I’ll write a blog post every day in April except Sundays. The topic for the first day begins with the letter A and I’ll work my way down to writing about something beginning with Z on my last day.

Here we go!

H is for Hoka

Hoka is a footwear company that I discovered by accident. I was at my local hiking gear shop looking for a new pair of trail runners when my eyes were drawn to a bright pink and blue pair of shoes on the display wall. Color woos me every time and fate was doing me a solid that day.

The clerk brought out a pair for me to try on. I’d never heard of Hoka before, but any shoe that pretty deserved my attention. I slipped my feet into them, stood up, shifted from foot to foot a bit, and felt like I was standing on the softest, puffiest cloud ever.

I couldn’t believe it. I’d never had a pair of shoes feel so comfortable before (I may or may not have an addiction to running shoes so I’ve seen my fair share of sneakers). I bopped around the store, convinced I could bounce to the ceiling if I tried. If any shoe could motivate me to get outside more, surely this was the pair.

Those Hokas have taken me walking, running, and hiking for the last several years. I’ve truly never had a pair of tennis shoes I loved more. I love them so much I recently bought a second pair, but the pink and blue ones still help me mow the grass every week. While I adore my second pair as well (they are just as comfortable), nothing compares to the love I felt for the first pair.

I may love running shoes, but I am not a talented or consistent runner, so when I say that Hokas helped propel me forward when I thought I didn’t have another stride in me, I mean it. I need all the help I can get! As a matter of fact, when you see me jogging down the street you probably say to yourself, “Oh, just look at that poor old thing. I hope she’ll be OK. Her face is awfully red, but look at those shoes!!”


Take all my money!!!

I resisted them for a long time because I already have a pair of hiking boots that I like pretty good. Still, my feet do start to hurt a little after about 5 miles, and maybe extra cushion would help out with that. Seeking confirmation bias that I need to possess these boots, the internet told me that Hoka boots were PERFECT for people with arthritis. I have arthritis in both knees! I creak like a haunted house every time I stand up. Considering this a sign from God, I once again found myself at the gear shop perusing the Hoka boots.

But, unfortunately, I didn’t find any I liked.

Just kidding!

I tried on several different types, but wound up going with the pair I had my eye on from the beginning. A word of caution here, though, hiking boots are not meant to be as cushiony as running shoes. The whole point of hiking boots is to provide stability for my (arthritic) ankles. My new hiking boots and I weren’t love at first sight, but I can’t wait to see how comfortably they will boost my poor arthritic knees up the next mountain.

I don’t actually believe in fate, but once you go Hoka, you can’t go back.


To go down the Hoka rabbit hole: https://www.hokaoneone.com/

To visit my awesome local gear shop, J&H Lanmark: https://jhoutdoors.com/?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=gmb_organic

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