Positive COVID Test Day 3

Thoughts on a Positive COVID Test Day 3

Thursday, September 9, 2021

I’m out of my room, but only because Will is positive. I’d rather be stuck in my room and have a healthy boy, but like he said, at least we can cuddle now.

It’s a shame I didn’t more thoroughly clean my room while I was stuck in there. Jack Tripper looks at me like I’ve betrayed him to live with Work From Home Cat again and I’m like it’s your fault, Jack, because if you didn’t feel the need to pee down the AC vents, I wouldn’t have to keep you prisoner in my bedroom, would I?

Beth left to stay with her dad since both of them are negative and who wants to stay in COVID HOUSE and expose yourself over and over again every day? So it’s me and the boy through next Wednesday.

I found out late last night that Will was positive, way after the kids went to bed. The first thing I did this morning was go into my boy’s room and snuggle in next to him under the covers and smooch his face off. He rolled over with that sleepy chubby little boy face and asked if he was sick. I squeezed him tighter.

Beth walked by the bedroom as I was cuddling Will, then backed up with a stricken look on her face and asked if Will was positive. I told her yes and she said, “I don’t like that. I really don’t like that.” And she meant it.

It’s like that time several years ago when Will was playing basketball at the YMCA and he and a teammate were goofing around before the game stealing the ball from each other. Beth walked by and saw that kid take the ball away from Will and she stopped cold, stood up straight, and stared down that situation not knowing they were playing a game. Luckily she watched long enough to figure that out, but for a minute there I thought we were going to have a YMCA Youth Basketball PreGame Smackdown.

I knew right then when it comes right down to it, as much as she claims to hate Will on any given day, she’s ride or die to the bone for her family.

Remember yesterday when I thought I could taste a banana? Turns out that was a false alarm. I didn’t get any sweetness out of my banana today. Will can still smell and taste, so I’m beyond happy about that.

He’s so weird. He has a cough and a sore throat but can go from puny to flying around the house like Spider-Man in the blink of an eye. We’ve watched lots of Marvel today: Civil War, Spider-Man Far From Home, and some of the Eternals episodes. Good thing I’ve got a thing for Superheroes.

Will’s Grandpa came by today to drop off some treats for him and so we chatted through the glass of the storm door. Seems wrong not to invite Grandpa inside. I thought I could taste one of the Hershey Kisses he left for Beth (hey, she’s not here; also I have COVID), maybe just a little? Probably my brain playing tricks on me.

My cousin sent a ton of food over today, even though she forgot to send taco shells and Kroger didn’t have any Ortega Taco Sauce. Kroger, seriously, this is not the first time you’ve disappointed me with your Ortega Taco Sauce availability. Step up your game!

I really think my cousin is trying to become Will’s favorite cousin instead of trying to actually feed us dinner because she sent a lot of snacky stuff that he likes and let me tell you, the way to that boy’s heart is DEFINITELY through his stomach. She knows this.

Will asked for her phone number so he could text her thank you but then wouldn’t show me the text message so I’m pretty sure they have some kind of Outlaw Snack Network set up now so he can get all the Goldfish he wants and she can get lots of cuddles while he’s still little and squishy and cuddly.

Still, I did appreciate the texture of the Rich Frosted Chocolate Entenmann’s donut in my mouth even though I couldn’t taste it. Also, when did Ente-Mann’s become Enten-Mann’s because I’m pretty sure they changed it or I’ve been mispronouncing this brand my whole life.

Life is good. Will is hyped up on sugar flying around like Spider-Man and I’m not on a ventilator. People have checked on me all day about how I’m feeling, if we need anything. I’m reporting my oximeter numbers to the friend who loaned it to me so I don’t get in trouble.

Get the vaccine and wear a mask, people. I didn’t call anyone names or cuss them out today. Now please get the vaccine and wear a mask.

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