Welcome to my experiment in blogging! I’ve always thought being a writer seems very romantic, so this blog will let me explore just how romantic it can be. I’d like to explore creativity. I’d like to grow as a writer. I’ll share creative nonfiction, essays, and random ramblings.  I want to explore questions to which I don’t have the answers, some involving every day issues and some more philosophical. Answers aren’t needed, but creative explorations and interpretations are very welcome!

I would love feedback, good or bad, on anything you read here.

Me: 43, married, full-time working mama to two young children, public servant, opinionated, uncensored, pottymouth, proud feminist, lover of kitties, the outdoors, the Beatles, animals, the environment, and the Kentucky Wildcats,  sometimes runner, reader, gardener, ex-jock, wannabe actor.

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  1. That is so incredibly nice of you. Thank you!!!


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